Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Art of Successful Negotiations

When you boil it down to its simplest form, sales is a two-part process. Building the Relationship: Before you even start to sell anything, you must first earn the trust of your potential customer. This requires you forming a working business relationship. Negotiation: Once you have built a relationship, you can begin to get down to business…negotiating! Negotiations can encompass ...

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How to Boost Sales and Cut Sales Costs at the Same Time

In today’s less than stellar economic times, business owners – like yourself – are always looking for ways to cut costs…especially when it comes to sales. Tips to Help Boost Sales and Cut Sales Costs Positive Spin: Try re-branding sales training or work trips as “Vacation Rewards” for good work. Your employees will work harder, gain a nice weekend away, ...

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Tips for Improving your Business’ Phone Practices

With travel costs through the roof, more and more businesses and salespeople are having to rely on phone calls in order to build rapport with potential clients/customers. The problem is that many salespeople do not processes the skills necessary to effectively build relationships and close deals over the phone. Many inexperienced salespeople (and even some experienced ones) talk too fast, ...

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