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The Reason Countless Companies are Losing Business :: Business Development

Companies all across the nation are losing sales for one simple reason: their sales representatives are not adequately trained in critical thinking. Instead, they rely on scripts. But this is not how business is conducted…at least not success business. Sales Tips: How to Close a Sales Deal Build a Relationship: Prospects want to be talked to, not talked at. They ...

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The Benefits of Business to Business Telemarketing :: B2B Telemarketing

Business is evolving. And because of this, the way in which you market must also evolve. This is why Business to business telemarketing, better known as B2B telemarketing, has grown increasingly popular over the years. The Benefits of B2B Telemarketing Efficiency: You focus on what you do best while your B2B telemarketing firm handles the rest! Lead Generation: B2B telemarketing ...

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