Monthly Archives: January 2015

When Should You Follow Up with Your B2B Leads?

B2B leads require the right followups.

A lot of effort is being made to generate B2B leads and telemarketing sales leads. However, what does the activity following lead generation efforts, such as lead nurturing, qualification and follow-up times, look like? These are some points in marketing and sales we may have lost sight of in the game of the chase that should be addressed. According to a study ...

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B2B Telemarketing’s Most Influential Sales Words

Learn the most effective words to use for successful B2B marketing.

Using words, not weapons, is a more powerful and influential way of getting what you want these days, especially if you’re in telemarketing services. If we can harness these verbal weapons and create an arsenal of influential skills, think of what it could do to lead generation. By using certain words and phrases in B2B telemarketing, salespeople can easily convert prospects into ...

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5 Ways to Get out of Your Sales Slump

Learn how to overcome your sales slump with business to business telemarketing.

The sales process can often be a roller coaster experience. One of the many characteristics of a good salesperson is the ability to manage personal moods throughout the ups and downs. Every salesperson has had days where they were “on fire” and other ones where they couldn’t seem to close a single sale. The following five ways can help you ...

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