Lead & Demand Generation

Telemarketing Sales Pitches You Should Avoid

Telemarketing sales should avoid certain pitches.

In our greatly automated world, we are generally less impressed with robotic devices and one-size-fits-all responses. How many times have you found yourself yelling at an automated system while trying to make contact with a real person who can hopefully answer your question? How often do you hang up when you call a business and a recorded message answers? You ...

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10 Ways Your B2B Sales Are Losing Buyer Interest

B2B sales shouldn't be boring.

When you are working in B2B sales, you either connect with your target audience or you don’t. It can be difficult to establish a rapport and connection with another party in a matter of s few minutes, but in reality, that’s all you have. It’s vitally important for you to reach a client or potential buyer and seal the deal in ...

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7 Salesphrases You Can Use to Seal the Deal

Are your telemarketing services asking the right questions?

It’s important for a salesperson to be convincing, no matter what type of product or service is being offered. When you offer telemarketing services, you must exude confidence when approaching a potential client and know what you are talking about. When you speak, it should be with authority and void of unnecessary words, such as “well,” “um,” “maybe” and “I think.” ...

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Keep Your Telemarketing Calls Interesting for Buyers

There is no doubt telemarketing lead generation has changed, especially over the last five years. Before, cold calling was just that: “cold.” Today, with the growth of social media and technology, it’s become more about creating a relationship with potential buyers. It’s important to make calls interesting in order to keep the buyer engaged in the conversation and the process. Here ...

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Using a Prospect’s Personality to Your Advantage

If you want to be successful at sales, flexibility is an essential quality to possess. Being flexible lets you customize your approach to engaging a possible prospect. Just a few minor adjustments when necessary can make or break a deal. If you can learn to quickly assess a few characteristics in the person you are dealing with, you can make ...

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Are Assumptions Killing Your B2B Sales?

We all know the old adage that talks about what happens when you make assumptions. The same holds true when you’re trying to generate new B2B leads. Without the right lead generation techniques, you could make presumptions that can cost your sales leads instead. When it comes to incoming calls, making incorrect deductions about your callers can dramatically reduce your sales ...

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How Can Your Team Increase B2B Sales Speed?

No sales person wants to spend more time than necessary on their B2B sales lead calls. This means you need to find ways to increase the speed at which you generate B2B leads and close those sales. While some of this process requires a little trial and error, there are proven methods you can use to help increase your sales times so ...

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Do Telemarketing Sales Scripts Work?

Using telemarketing lead generation to find new customers can be an intimidating experience. Many companies worry about saying the right thing or stumbling over their words when the person on the other end of the line says something they don’t expect. This is why many B2B telemarketing companies use scripts to help guide their sales calls. Understanding how they work can help you decide ...

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B2B Telemarketing Tips for Your Quarterly Reviews

Focus your B2B telemarketing staff with the help of quarterly reviews.

Part of developing a great B2B telemarketing team is helping your staff grow and develop throughout their careers. The best way to help them achieve constant growth is by providing continuous feedback during the year, and quarterly reviews are a great time to sit down with each member of your team and help them establish their strengths and areas of ...

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