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5 Ways Telemarketing Services Turn a No into a Yes!

Change a no into a yes with the help of telemarketing services.

Everyone has those moments in B2B telemarketing sales where they almost seal the deal only to be rejected at the last minute. Perhaps you’ve had a great sales process and made a lot of progress with the client and are sure they are ready to buy in, but then they call and tell you they are going with one of your competitors. You ...

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Keep Your Telemarketing Calls Interesting for Buyers

There is no doubt telemarketing lead generation has changed, especially over the last five years. Before, cold calling was just that: “cold.” Today, with the growth of social media and technology, it’s become more about creating a relationship with potential buyers. It’s important to make calls interesting in order to keep the buyer engaged in the conversation and the process. Here ...

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Using a Prospect’s Personality to Your Advantage

If you want to be successful at sales, flexibility is an essential quality to possess. Being flexible lets you customize your approach to engaging a possible prospect. Just a few minor adjustments when necessary can make or break a deal. If you can learn to quickly assess a few characteristics in the person you are dealing with, you can make ...

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How to Plan a B2B Telemarketing Campaign

Without a plan, your telemarketing lead generation tactics can quickly fall short of your goals. For this reason, it’s critical to work with B2B telemarketing services that have the experience putting together a plan that will get results. With the right help, you will not only know how to approach your telemarketing in the most effective way, but you will also be ...

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5 Emotional Strengths Your B2B Sales Team Needs

Selling is an emotional job. After all, your team is working with people on a day-to-day basis, trying to determine their needs, wants, problems and solutions. They must also deal with the rollercoaster of daily success and rejection that comes with B2B sales jobs. In order for your team to be successful, there are a few emotional strengths they should ...

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Using Psychology for B2B Sales: Part 3

Improve your B2B sales with psychological tactics.

The mind can be a powerful thing. When you learn how to tap into your customer’s psyche, you will see an increase in your sales. We’ve already discussed several tactics you can use to improve your sales through the use of psychology. This blog post will discuss new strategies you can introduce to your sales team in an effort to ...

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Your Rivals reveal 5 reasons they use B2B Telemarketing

According to research by the DMA, 17% of marketers are not using telemarketing. You may be one of them. But have you ever wondered why almost 90% of your competitors use the phone in marketing programs? So here’s the top 5 reasons your rivals use B2B Telemarketing: 1. To collect consent (opt-in) for further marketing Currently just 19% of your rivals ...

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Essential Services for Every B2B

Certain services can improve your B2B lead generation.

Every owner of a B2B company aspires to have operations running smoothly like clockwork. When your everyday operations are in order, it is easier for you to focus on more important tasks, such as B2B lead generation and locating B2B telemarketing services. Many companies provide useful services to help B2Bs boost their relationships and productivity. Here are a few business services worth ...

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