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7 Salesphrases You Can Use to Seal the Deal

Are your telemarketing services asking the right questions?

It’s important for a salesperson to be convincing, no matter what type of product or service is being offered. When you offer telemarketing services, you must exude confidence when approaching a potential client and know what you are talking about. When you speak, it should be with authority and void of unnecessary words, such as “well,” “um,” “maybe” and “I think.” ...

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3 Modern Sales Tools Your B2B Telemarketing Team Should Be Using

Over the years, lead generation strategies have dramatically changed as the best methods for B2B telemarketing have advanced based on technological improvements. If your sales team is having difficulty with their B2B lead generation, you may not be using the right tools. The following three tools are essential to consider in order to give your sales team the boost they ...

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5 Emotional Strengths Your B2B Sales Team Needs

Selling is an emotional job. After all, your team is working with people on a day-to-day basis, trying to determine their needs, wants, problems and solutions. They must also deal with the rollercoaster of daily success and rejection that comes with B2B sales jobs. In order for your team to be successful, there are a few emotional strengths they should ...

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Why Holiday Telemarketing Works

Find out how to make holiday telemarketing lead generation work for you.

Most sales personnel rarely bother with telemarketing lead generation strategies during the holiday season. It’s common knowledge attempting to make sales between Christmas and New Year’s is a waste of time because most decision makers are unavailable and even the ones who are certainly aren’t in the mood to be propositioned by a salesperson. However, Mark Hunter, author of High Profit Selling, ...

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