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10 Ways Your B2B Sales Are Losing Buyer Interest

When you are working in B2B sales, you either connect with your target audience or you don’t. It can be difficult to establish a rapport and connection with another party in a matter of s few minutes, but in reality, that’s all you have. It’s vitally important for you to reach a client or potential buyer and seal the deal in a relatively short period of time. In that instance, you can either generate interest or lose it altogether. Here are 10 ways you lose buyer interest before you have the opportunity to close the deal.

Improve Your B2B Sales

1.      Disqualifying yourself – Never start by telling the client you don’t know what you are talking about.

2.      Improper introductions and conclusions – Your sales pitch needs to be sandwiched between these two important features, but neither of them should be long or you risk losing (or never gaining) interest.

3.      Repeating the same information – Information should be succinct and to the point.

4.      Don’t make it personal – Avoiding eye contact and not being aware of your body language are big turn offs and make it difficult to build proper trust.

5.      Lack of Preparation – Buyers can sense when you don’t know your stuff; be prepared for meetings or meet-ups. It exudes confidence.

6.      Spending inadequate time on presentations – There’s a true balance to creating the perfect presentation. Material should be presented in a way that communicates the information to buyers in an appealing manner.

7.      Talking too fast – You’ve got a lot to share, but if you talk too fast, buyers can have a difficult time tuning in to what you have to say. They need to absorb the information so they don’t feel hurried into a decision. Create buyer confidence by speaking slowly and confidently.

8.      Ignore time constraints – A potential buyer is giving you time to share; respect it. Arriving late or going over designated time allotments isdisrespectful of others. Be sure to stay within any time constraints the client has imposed.

9.      Don’t build a rapport – If you don’t take the time to be personable and build a rapport, you give buyers a cold presentation. Share your personal story, make comparisons, use metaphors or even crack jokes to help break the ice.

10.   Simply read from your notes – You have the best organized notes with all the information you need, but don’t just read your notes or slides. Communicate to the buyer your knowledge of the topic by talking freely about it without being bound to what you have on paper.

Connecting with buyers can be as simple as being yourself and knowing your stuff. These two form the foundation of developing successful lead generation techniques that ultimately result in more conversions.

If you are ready to learn more about how we can help with business telemarketing services, contact us today. We can help you reach potential buyers and make the sale.

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