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3 Reasons You Could Miss Your Sales Targets This Year

If you’re looking at your B2B telemarketing sales goal progress for the middle of 2015, you could be getting ready to push your team to make those sales for the end of the year in order to meet your targets. The pressure is usually on for sales teams at the end of the year, but in addition to focusing on what lead generation techniques will increase your sales for 2015, it may help your team to remember what pitfalls to avoid in order to meet your goals. If you want to break those yearly records, avoid these problematic mistakes.

Looking Back

It doesn’t help anyone to look back at previous year’s goals, achievements or records. Each year is a brand new opportunity to make your telemarketing lead generation company more money, and that’s the only thing you should be focusing on in 2015. While it can be helpful to glance back every once in a while to see how far you’ve come this year, keep your focus sharp on the coming months, quarters and yearly sales goals.

Lack of Preparation

Your sales team should be fully prepared for each sales call. That means they should know every gory detail about your product, business, practice and anything else that might come up with your sales leads. Many management teams will take the easy way out and give their team a quick, gleaming overview of the company and product to get them on the floor and making calls, but this will hurt your numbers more than help them. Sellers who are launched so quickly into the product make mistakes, such as timing problems, early pricing discussions and not being able to garner trust or foster B2B telemarketing relationships with your clients. Preparing your team is essential for making your telemarketing lead generation sales goals this year.

Activity Is Not Progress

Weak sales teams love to go after the low hanging fruit. They consider every conversation a win, even if it’s with an employee with no buying power. They don’t try to gain access to stakeholders who can make the most beneficial buying decisions, fail to use their natural curiosity to uncover the true needs of the company and cannot create an effective solution with their services. They can make plenty of calls, but those calls often don’t get anywhere. These less effective sales team memberss can create a lot of activity, but they aren’t gaining any progress or using effective lead generation techniques.

If your sales team needs a little push in order to make your yearly sales goals, increasing the efficacy of your lead generation techniques is important, but you should also make sure you are not falling into any of these sales pitfalls. For more information on how you can improve your B2B telemarketing success, contact us. Our team is experienced in telemarketing lead generation.

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