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5 Ways Telemarketing Services Turn a No into a Yes!

Everyone has those moments in B2B telemarketing sales where they almost seal the deal only to be rejected at the last minute. Perhaps you’ve had a great sales process and made a lot of progress with the client and are sure they are ready to buy in, but then they call and tell you they are going with one of your competitors. You may think this is the end, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several ways to turn that “no” into a “yes.”

Take the Time to Talk to the Potential Client

Sometimes it is important to go over a few of the points one more time. Always begin by thanking the potential client and make sure they have looked over any materials. If they’ve taken the time to speak with you again and have looked over any materials and pamphlets you have shared, there is still a chance to make a deal. Ask the client what led them to choose the other offer. This will let you know if there are any apparent conflicts in the decision making process. Take just a couple of minutes to explain why your product or service is better. Don’t belabor the point, just a brief explanation is adequate. This puts it all back in play.

Ask the Potential Client for Another Meeting

When the client shows you the courtesy of calling to tell you they’ve chosen your competitor, they’ve really done you a huge favor. First of all, thank them for letting you know. Ask them what led to this choice and what the competitor had that helped form their decision. After considering the reasons they gave you, ask if you can review your notes and call the next day. Be sure to thank them for your time and set an appointment. Review your notes to see what you can offer them before calling them back.

Give a Quick Call to Your Coach

In B2B telemarketing services, a coach is someone with the experience and insight to help keep others on the right track and determine appropriate actions. Talk to your coach about the problem and ask for direction and how to handle the deal. Many times they can offer ideas on how to address these types of situations and turn them around.

Seek out Competitive Advantages

It can be a fine line to seek out information about competitors. Your best bet is to find a third party who can be objective and explain to you why your competitor has the advantage. This allows you the opportunity to make appropriate or necessary changes.

Review Your Process

Hindsight is often said to be 20/20. Take some time to look back over all the information you’ve sent and received from the prospective client. Perhaps you’ve missed an indicator or overlooked something that was crucial to them. Did anything change along the way? This can help you make changes to your pitch to seal the deal.

Do you need to speak with an expert about telemarketing services? Contact us. We can help you develop strategies for turning no deal into a big deal.

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