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5 Ways to Get out of Your Sales Slump

The sales process can often be a roller coaster experience. One of the many characteristics of a good salesperson is the ability to manage personal moods throughout the ups and downs. Every salesperson has had days where they were “on fire” and other ones where they couldn’t seem to close a single sale.

The following five ways can help you get out of your sales slump.

1. Go over Your Account List

Start from the beginning and go over your account list. Analyze the leads you haven’t spoken to in a while. This is a good practice to do on a quarterly basis and can be a real boost during slow sales and business to business telemarketing times. By going through your account list based on who has been interested but may have slipped off of your radar, you can realign your focus.

2. Schedule Time Blocking

To help boost your sales, set aside a 30-minute time slot to make a handful of calls. No one in sales likes cold calls. However, with today’s leading technology and business telemarketing services, calls don’t have to be so cold. Salespeople may even flip through their current account list until they get a hit. Although this approach might not yield any closed deals, you’re at least starting conversations with potential clients, which can alter your own way of thinking.

3. Call One of Your Favorite Clients

This is more of a mood-managing strategy, but you never know what it can lead to. At times, just reaching out to current clients can put yourself back into their minds and remind them how they can benefit from another product or service you offer, generating more sales.

4. Make a List

Another way to supercharge your business to business telemarketing strategy during a rut is to jot down a list of every best deal you’ve made, including any deals you’ve successfully closed in the past few months. Reflect on what made the deals go well. Consider all the details of the actions you took in order to close the sales. Once you see sales as a process, you should consider whether you’ve changed your approach and strategy over time and if certain past strategies were more successful than others.

5. Listen to a Sales Podcast

Tune into one of the many sales podcasts available today. Search for motivational content, such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy or Tony Robbins. These podcasts are specifically designed for salespeople to help shift the thought process, whether you’re interested in integrated marketing communications, business telemarketing services or others. Try listening to one of these podcasts on the way to the office to pump yourself up.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our sales and marketing services can help your business, contact us.

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