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Are You Making Your Telemarketing Prospects Hate Picking up the Phone?

Successful business to business telemarketing requires the use of the right balance of strategies, skills and preparation. However, no matter how professional you are, some calls won’t produce valuable telemarketing sales leads. When making a large number of calls, telemarketing companies often reach individuals who aren’t interested in a conversation. Sometimes, they’re just having a bad day, but there are also mistakes telemarketers can make to cause the prospective relationship to start off on the wrong foot.

1. Do You Get Too Personal? 

There is a difference in being personable and getting too personal. Learning which topics to avoid can boost your success. For instance, stay away from controversial topics like religion and politics, even if you think they share the same views. A comment or joke on a sensitive subject can ruin the deal.

2. Do You Get to the Point Too Quickly?

When you dive right into product information, it sends the message you are just worried about making a sale and not about client’s needs. You indirectly, but effectively, communicate you are just trying to meet your quota, rather than helping to improve the client’s situation.

3. Do You Have a Flexible Approach?

Each prospective client has a unique situation and will require different methods to make the sale. Some clients are more comfortable with speaking over the phone, while others will prefer a face-to-face encounter. It’s important to build trust in order to make a sale, and you have to be willing to change up your approach to create a relationship to convert the sale.

4. Do You Talk Too Much or Too Fast?

Certain regions are known for talking quickly, and this can make it difficult to slow down, especially when you are headed for a specific goal. If a prospective client isn’t able to understand what is said, however, they aren’t going to trust you enough to seal the deal. In the same way, talking too much can turn a customer off. Well-planned silence can be a useful strategy if you know how to use it. Slow down and don’t talk over the prospect if you want to close the sale.

5. Do You Ask the Right Questions?

Even the most experienced telemarketing companies can make assumptions based on very little information; and sometimes they are right. But it’s important to slow down and make sure you understand what a customer is looking for. Asking questions can give you the right amount of information to work out the best solution and meet the consumer’s specific need.

Just because you make mistakes doesn’t mean you fail as a salesperson. Slowing down and thinking about what you want to accomplish can help create better results on a regular basis. Are you looking for a B2B telemarketing plan to help you achieve your goals? Contact us to see positive results and make more sales on a regular basis.

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