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B2B Telemarketing’s Most Influential Sales Words

Using words, not weapons, is a more powerful and influential way of getting what you want these days, especially if you’re in telemarketing services. If we can harness these verbal weapons and create an arsenal of influential skills, think of what it could do to lead generation.

By using certain words and phrases in B2B telemarketing, salespeople can easily convert prospects into customers. Simply tweaking the way sales reps speak to their contacts can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of a call. One wrong word or phrase can cast a shadow over an entire call, while one right word or phrase can generate positivity. Without compromising the underlying message, there are ways to word your sales that can increase B2B lead generation.

Here are eight of the most influential words that pack just enough punch to help close more deals.

1) You

Never lose sight of this one fact: selling is about the consumer, not about your company. The simplest way to portray this during a call is by using the word “you” as much as possible. Every time you want to convey something about your company, find a way to spin it and convey the same message, but from the prospective customer’s perspective.

2) Value

This is another point where it’s about the consumer and not the company. Skip over the speech about all the impressive features your product or service offers and opt for communicating how it will be of value to your prospect.

3) And

By cleverly replacing “but” with “and” when dealing with criticisms or objections, you’re showing the prospect you’re about to say something the prospect wouldn’t like to hear. “And” is more agreeable and makes the prospect feel less ignored.

4) Do

Experts widely recommend using the word “do” instead of “try.” By saying you’ll do something instead of try to, you sound more competent and confident.

5) Or 

Instead of giving a potential client only one option, give them two or three to add variety to the proposal. This way, you’ve increased your odds of making a sale and have given the prospect more power to choose.

6) Should we … ?

People typically don’t like being told what to do, especially when the person giving the orders isn’t even part of their company. Replacing the phrase “you should” with “should we…?” is a simple way to change a demand into a suggestion, keeping the prospect’s mind open.

7) Power Words

The English language is filled with words that bring out strong emotions, both positive and negative. A good telemarketing services employee will utilize all of these words and the emotions they invoke at the most opportune times during a sales pitch.

8) Opportunity

Problems often arise during the sales process. However, you don’t have to use the word “problem.” It has a negative connotation and can be discouraging to the prospect. Make it a habit to replace phrases, such as “no problem” with “it’s my pleasure” and “I understand the problem” with “I’ve found an opportunity to run this better.” This simple replacement is influential enough to transform the entire tone of your call.

If you want to learn about more of our telemarketing and B2B lead generation tips and tricks, contact us. Our team specializes in integrated marketing solutions for B2B lead generation.

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