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B2B Telemarketing Still Rules!

In the B2B (Business to Business) world, with all the latest lead generation and sales support technology, the question remains does B2B Telemarketing still rule? The answer is overwhelming, “Yes!” In fact, telemarketing is vital to have a successful lead management program.

For years companies have used marketing to build relationships, and while online marketing and inbound techniques do their part to aid customers, nothing beats the one-to-one connection, and that is where B2B Telemarketing still Rules.

For a business to be successful, they cannot rely on telemarketing alone. The world of business has become so dynamic and interactive that one approach will not reach everyone, and a substantial amount of customers will be lost to the competition. B2B Telemarketing should be used in conjunction with a well-rounded marketing campaign that includes other components that will qualify, educate, and nurture your prospects. Programs that nurture come with automation and scoring, and make marketing more efficient which gives your business a better understanding of what your prospects needs are. This is the time to pick up the phone to further qualify your prospect.

B2B Telemarketing is at its best when conducted with a highly defined strategy of rules and procedures that set when and how often calls should be made. Your sales support team should have a set script, a well-defined plan of what to do with the information after it is gathered, and how to keep track of the data for management’s use.

Qualifying leads are essential to success, and one of the most critical elements to collecting a potential prospect’s needs and buying status. Providing sales-ready leads to your sales support team will create a well-structured B2B Telemarketing management process that will cut down your sales cycle time and increase profits.

Remember B2B Telemarketing Still Rules!

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