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B2B Telemarketing Tips for Your Quarterly Reviews

Part of developing a great B2B telemarketing team is helping your staff grow and develop throughout their careers. The best way to help them achieve constant growth is by providing continuous feedback during the year, and quarterly reviews are a great time to sit down with each member of your team and help them establish their strengths and areas of improvement. If you’re ready to help your sales staff achieve their best potential sales performance, consider these quarterly review tips.

The Kinds of Team Member

First, take each of your telemarketing service staff members and put them into one of the following categories. This will help you determine the type of feedback, direction, support and monitoring they will need over the next quarter:

  1. Leaders: These are your highest performers. How can you help them continue their successful lead generation techniques and keep them on your staff?

  2. Learners: These staff members need a little more coaching to be considered solid performers. How can you get them there, and what are their goals for the next quarter?

  3. Solid Performers: Your solid performers are consistent in their B2B telemarketing goals. How can you help them maintain their consistency or even turn them into leaders?

Once you’ve determined where each team member falls, your next step is to develop a plan for each person. This specific plan should include their performance history, strengths, areas of improvement, goals for next quarter and how your management team plans to help them reach those goals.

Your Focus

During quarterly reviews for your telemarketing service team, it can be easy to try to focus on too many things at once. You may be concerned about factors that have happened in an employee’s past, are hung up on a bad sale or are even ready to praise all the great calls they’ve made. However, it is incredibly important to keep your reviews focused. While it is helpful to have examples of successful lead generation techniques or missed opportunities for sales, most of your focus should be on the following three things:

  1. Skills: What skills does this B2B telemarketing salesperson need to work on and what does he or she excel at?

  2. Development: What learning and training does this staff member need, how often and why?

  3. Challenges: What problems stand in the way of this team member’s success and how can the management team help this employee overcome them?

The goal of your performance review should be to identify areas of strength and weakness and create a plan to maintain the strength of your employees while improving on their weaknesses. This requires a plan of action for both your staff member and your management team. Together, you can make any salesperson a valuable asset to your team!

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