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Beat 2020 Sales growth with B2B Telemarking in 2021

Beat 2020 Sales growth with B2B Telemarking in 2021 could be just what your business needs to kickstart the New Year. If you are one of the companies that still have your doors open and hasn’t filed for bankruptcy, consider yourself lucky. According to, as of Sept. 2020, the Pandemic caused nearly 100,000 establishments to go out of business.

Adapt to the NEW normal

Overcoming the biggest business-to-business sales challenges in 2021 starts with aligning your sales and marketing teams to understand the needs of your customers and clients. I’m sure that you are saying to yourself, “That’s what my business has always done.” But 2021 business customer’s needs are not like years past. Yes, the standard sales practices still remain, yet the marketplace has changed dramatically. No longer is your business defined by its four walls. No matter what industry you are in, the reality is that there is more competition, an expanded market, and all of which is being promoted by a powerful social media network. Yet, at the same time, these challenges lead to new opportunities and require agile business strategies to reel in new B2B business.

Creating a Pipeline of Qualified Leads for Your Business

Having a steady flow of qualified leads requires a strategic combination of inbound and outbound marketing. Advanced B2B Sales professionals know how to find the right customers for business at the right time with the right message. These lead generating companies take a smart, systematic approach to create a well thought out game plan for your business and acquire leads looking for your services.

Winning Over New Prospects

In this digital market, one of the hardest parts a sales team faces is the abundance of information and how to cut through the clutter. Potential prospects get tons of emails, calls, and snail-mail every day that most either delete instantly or throw away. So, even if your company has services or products the customer wants, how do you win their attention?

Getting a customer’s attention requires these elements:

  1. Know your customer’s needs. Find out what they are dealing with now and where they are headed.

  2. Have a concise and clear message. You have one chance to connect with them, so make it a good one.

  3. Effective sales scripts. Utilize that effective customer-targeted sales pitch messaging across all marketing channels to attract buyers.

  4. Utilize a variety of media types such as videos, podcasts, posts, and articles to attract the customer. Branded video content gets the most attention over, images (2nd most), and then written content.

Stand Out from the Rest

How can you speak to a potential B2B customer’s pain points and win over their business? This is where your inbound B2B sales strategy is vital. Working with an effective B2B lead generation company will help you develop your sales team’s pitch and sales strategy. Every touchpoint of the script will lead to opportunities for potential sales. However, all of your marketing tools, such as your website, social media marketing, and print marketing, must be polished and ready to go if you want to stand out or just to compete with others in your field.

Whether you just want to increase your sales leads or fine-tune your company’s 2021 performance, beating 2020 sales growth with B2B telemarking in 2021 starts with having a solid game plan, and this is where hiring an effective lead generation company can help you.

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