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Business to Business Surveys For Leads

The use of Business to Business Surveys can generate Qualified and Sales Intelligence for your company.

B2C (Business to Customer) surveys allow a company to make critical business decisions based on surveyed analyzed data instead of just using their gut feeling.

Learning the reasons why a customer is loyal is the secret to all successful businesses. Of course, a customer satisfaction survey puts light on a business’s strengths and weaknesses. And because of this, it is an extremely productive tool for all business types.

We are all familiar with B2C (Business to Customer) Surveys because we deal with them almost every time we make a purchase. Here are some examples:

• How was the service at so-and-so restaurant? • Were you happy with your car purchase today? • Would you stay at this Hotel again? • Would you recommend this product to a friend?

But have you heard of Business to Business Surveys?

Another type of customer survey is the business-to-business survey, or better known as the B2B customer survey. In this type of customer survey, a company will survey their business partners and/or customers. While a company may have plenty of customers, their business partner list may have only a few hundred.

B2B research is often undervalued, and getting respondents who are the right respondents will generate Qualified and Sales Intelligence to your business. Knowing the latest products your partners offer can put your business ahead of your competitors, as well as being informed about a partners crisis moments. A B2B survey has a different approach than a B2C study. Partner relationships are just as crucial to a company’s financial well-being as their customers are because this is where your product and services come from, and their sales teams can help you generate business with your customer.

How To Conduct A Successful B2B Survey:

⁃ Survey Multiple Levels within the business relationship: decision makers to the day to day team ⁃ Use both online surveys and telephone strategies to get valid data across multiple recording groups ⁃ Establish a consistent relationship with one (1) survey partner to leverage results across businesses to manage the business goals more effectively.

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