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Direct Tele Sales – Inside Sales

Grindstone specializes in B2B sales and marketing programs including direct Telesales. We develop a dedicated sales staff and employ a proven outsourced sales model allowing our clients to focus on their internal priorities. Your complete sales outsourcing partner is right here as every day, more and more companies are opting for some type of outsourced sales structure. Our Direct Sales Solution allows your company to produce quality results through outsourced sales and assure its revenue goals. Our experienced management team will effort with you to construct a dedicated sales strength designed exclusively to sell your products and services. We offer a turnkey – yet totally customizable – outsourced sales offering that quickly provides our clients with a dedicated team of experienced sales professionals.

Our agents are specially trained to overcome obstacles between you and the buyers. They stay in touch with existing and likely customers at each segment of the sales cycle. Grindstone acquires the challenges of recruiting, hiring, managing and retaining a high-performance sales team completely off of the client’s hands. Our philosophy is to employ experienced professionals and technology automation working together to maximize results.  For a lower cost and greater value alternative you can use our Direct Tele Sales Solution as a supplement to, or in place of, recruiting, training, managing, housing, and maintaining your own in-house sales department. Our experienced managers are prepared and trained to run an entire sales team nationwide or regionally.  Our approach to your market will be consultative, educational, soft selling, and relationship building.

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