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Don’t Make Sales Reps Schedule Appointments

Let’s talk about Schedule Appointments. Having sales pros cold call and prospect are like having a star baseball player stock the concession stand. It’s a lousy use of talent and a terrible waste of money. Sales stars shine when selling. Let them sell!

A sales super achiever wants to meet with prospects, determine a fit, suggest solutions, and close the deal. It feeds his competitive nature. It assuages the hunger to perform.

A sales super achiever hates making endless calls to find the right prospect with whom to meet. The process dampens the spirit and kills motivation.

Those who think a salesman should be a prospector and sales genius can stop here. The paradigm shifted a few turns back.

In today’s sales world, an account rep must exploit strength–not work on a weakness. Forget about a well-rounded rep, focus on a superstar that closes the deal, and brings home fists full of cash.

Appointment setting, telemarketing companies, will set any sales staff on a course for success. Highly qualified sales appointments are scheduled with those who have an interest in your solution and can buy from you; appointments that are the result painstaking prospecting and hours of dialing.

A MaSM study found that appointment setting firms can double the productivity of a sales staff because it can concentrate only on selling and not the mundane associated tasks. When qualified sales appointments are scheduled, closing ratios climb, and cash flow improves.

Don’t make sales reps schedule their own sales appointments. They hate doing it and aren’t very good at it. Leave the job to professionals who love doing it and are good at it. Sales stars shine when selling. Let them sell!

Read more about Appointment Settings here at B2BLeadExperts.

If you have any questions about sales appointments, you can contact Grindstone directly by calling 888 724 7463. You can also email Grindstone at or fill in this contact us form on their website. A representative will reply as soon as possible.

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