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Email Marketing and Telemarketing – A Great Combo!

Many of today’s businesses wonder which is better, traditional telemarketing or email marketing. However, a better decision may be to just do both. We’ve all gotten those annoying unsolicited calls early in the morning for products or services that we might need but weren’t ready to consider. Likewise, every day we all get countless emails from businesses that we have never heard of trying to sell us something and are afraid to click on the link fearing the unknown. These shotgun methods are just spraying the information at potential customers with the hopes that something sticks.

Clearly, this is not the most effective way to increase sales or generate sustainable leads. Yet, when a business utilizes both email marketing and telemarketing in a well thought out campaign strategy, the results can be the successful lead generation power duo your team has been looking for.

Aside from shifting your business to twenty-first-century sales strategies, integrating both email marketing along with follow-up telemarketing calls becomes a directed approach to shoring up potential would-be-customers.

Such an integrated approach leverages both the email marketing system and the prescient caller to automate, accelerate, and precisely target your audience.  This type of method will help you reach more prospects without having to employ teams, and at the same time, provide better metrics to understand the quality of your leads.

Email Marketing and Telemarketing – A Great Combo!

To begin, create a successful sales support strategy is not just about finding a random potential client, but instead grabbing a company or individual’s attention, highlighting your company’s services, and then justifying that your team can produce valuable results for their organization.

Content email marketing is an excellent way for B2B businesses to entice potential customers into learning more about the company’s services or products by posting articles, blogs, or web videos. Customers are more likely to engage with you when they see such inviting content. Yet, cold emailing can be a hard way to attract new leads because you have no prior relationship with the company or person that you are trying to reach.

The key to success is that you have to make an excellent first impression to get results. So it is essential to develop email and phone scripts that effectively pitch your sales solutions to potential customers in ways that make them feel as though they need your products or services.

Once your scripts are completed, create a viable email list of potential customers for services. Design an engaging mailer that informs about the business, the services, and/or products that you offer. It is important to note that your marketing emails need to have the option to track who opens up the emails and who clicks through to your site.

Websites like MailChimp or Constant Contact offer email marketing services at affordable rates. Would-be-customers who open the email or visit your site are high probability leads that your business can cultivate.

After you have successfully sent out the email mailers, it is time to utilize your telemarketing tools to follow-up with potential customers to drive home the sale.

So many small to medium-sized companies utilize either telemarketing or email marketing. However, in 2020, the best way to reach your B2B audience is by combining email marketing and telemarketing – A great combo!

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