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Everything You Need to Know About B2B Telemarketing Software

B2B telemarketing conversation cannot be pre-recorded, and effective sales are not going to happen through the use of automated messages. The human element is an essential part and can’t be ignored. However, this doesn’t mean some software programs are useless. There are a few software packages that can be beneficial. Here are some of the latest and their basic features.

TouchStar Predictive Dialler

This type of software package is common. One of its basic features includes automatically calling the next client on the list once you end your current call. According to the specs from the manufacturer, agents can get more time in actual conversation with clients in a day, as much as six and a half hours.


VanillaSoft relies on a fast server and a quicker browser. This web-based application has several features, including automatic dialing, but it also includes a pre-recorded message that can be used when the call reaches an answering machine. Other draws to this software include automated scripts for email, call recording and identification of the best lead in the queue. This is designed to be easy to use, taking only 15 minutes to learn the basics, and prevents wasting a lot of time.

Bitrix 24

For those who understand cloud technology, Bitrix 24 can provide real solutions. It handles B2B telemarketing calls, both inbound and outbound, and a variety of telemarketing services like call forwarding, call transfers and placing calls on hold. One highlight is its one-click call feature and its telemarketing lead generation component. This option can create a lead for every phone call made, even missed calls. It includes collaboration tools and scheduling for calls and automated emails.

Advantages and Disadvantages of B2B Telemarketing Software

There are several advantages associated with these types of software packages, as well as a few disadvantages. Some of them include tools you will never need and a few which impede your ability to work. One example of this is the automatic templates for emails. It may not convert properly or match the needs of your market. Some of the collaboration tools might be great ideas, but there are some free versions like Slack or Skype that work similarly or better.

Do you really want to use an automatic dialer? It might sound good, but in reality, do you want to finish up one call and by the time its disconnected, you find yourself on another one? Many times you need a few minutes to get yourself back together or make sure you’ve got everything you need for the next call.

Don’t waste your money or time using telemarketing software packages with numerous tools you will never use.

We can assist you with your telemarketing lead generation by offering premier telemarketing services designed to fit your unique business needs. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

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