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Fundraising Planning

Every program starts with the target of maintaining a successful partnership with the client. Grindstone Inc. focus on the fundraising programs of our clients and donor stewardship are at the heart of our client management and fundraiser teams. Our qualified client management teams effectively target the right audience through rigorous testing and statistical analysis. We feel this is a critical component of our success, a practice we encourage our clients to expect from any Tele-fundraising partner. Our results-driven phone fundraising programs and these programs may involve one-time gift asks, recurring/sustaining gift programs, major donor or mid-level upgrade/cultivation, membership recruitment or renewal, volunteer recruitment, and surveys.

Telephone marketing strategies are used as an integrated part of the direct marketing program, not as competition for direct mail. Included as a regular aspect of all of our phone fundraising programs, we will send up to three emails to each individual who has agreed to make a donation as a pledge confirmation and reminder, at no additional cost to the client. These emails are a great reinforcement of the message and mission of our clients. We also include a return link to your website for the donor’s convenience. Outsourcing your fundraising needs is a cost effective way to help your cause. Contact Grindstone Inc. today to find out how we can help

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