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Fundraising Services

Grindstone Inc. works for the fundraising programs of clients and the highest level of ethical standards. Our results-driven phone fundraising programs include donor cultivation, lapsed donor reactivation, and donor acquisition. Our experienced client management teams work closely with our clients and their agency to develop compelling and creative fundraising strategies. For each client we carefully choose a team of fundraisers who will be a part of their program, ensuring the right blend of talent, experience and desire/affinity for the client’s mission.

Connections are everything. Your telephone marketing strategy should focus on building donor relationships – not making a transaction. Throughout the period of each program, our clients have 24/7 secure web access to detailed reports. Our clients team can also offer a vast array of modify reports and statistical analyses. Some Telephone marketing strategies:-

  1. Enhance your relationship with the donor.

  2. Increase long-term value of the donor.

  3. Add personal communication with the donor.

  4. Re-activate lapsed donors.

  5. Increase the number of 2nd time gifts from acquisition.

Outsourcing your fundraising needs is a cost effective way to help your cause. Contact Grindstone Inc. today to find out how we can help.

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