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Get more Attendees to your event using B2B Telemarketing

Want to get more Attendees to your event using B2B Telemarketing? Attending a business conference or corporate event is the best way for your business to reinvest and recharge your sales team and B2B marketing strategies for the year. I know you worry that no one will attend or show up, but don’t you fret with these tips and a solid game plan you will get more people to attend your event.

TIP #1: DO YOUR RESEARCH Within the B2B marketing community, it is essential to find out what your target audience really wants before the event. An easy way to do this is to go to online forums for the type of event you are going to have and see what is happening in the industry, send email surveys to potential B2B customers asking what users want, and then send out mailers to potential attendees.

TIP #2: GIVE YOUR WEBSITE A SHINE You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that remains true when it comes to whether or not your web visitors will want your services. Business-to-business customers are savvy tech users. Make sure your logo looks good, your colors are right for the field you are in, and that your navigation and site are working correctly.

TIP #3: CREATE A SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE As a second tier to your branding, consider creating a social media presence that will showcase your B2B services, your upcoming networking events, and gather new followers. Study your target audience and decide which social media sites are best suited for your business strategy.

TIP #4: COLLECT EMAILS Invest in email marketing — it doesn’t matter if you use Constant Contact, MailChimp, or another company — just do it, so that you can start gathering B2B lead generating emails from customers who already want your sales services or want to know more about you.

Get more Attendees to your event using B2B Telemarketing

Tip #5: ASK ATTENDEES If you are already having events and want more attendees, the first thing you need to do is after an event approach people and ask them what they liked and what they didn’t like, so you can make appropriate changes to correct the issues for the next time you host.

TIP #6: SAVE THE DATE MAILERS Don’t wait until the last moment to send out informative mailers. People are busy, so make sure you make it on their calendars! Send “Save the Date” mailers reminding them of upcoming events.

TIP #7: TEASE THEM WITH GIVEAWAYS You don’t have to spend a fortune on giveaways, but it’s always beneficial to have something whether you give away service, a product, prizes, food, or even something as small as t-shirts with your company logo on it. Learn to use it in your marketing and distribute it through your social media posts. Your followers will love it.

TIP #8: HASHTAG IT! Having a hashtag for your event allows you to keep track of what people are saying about you and gives your attendees the feeling that they are a part of your community. Just remember to keep it short and simple.

TIP #9: GET SPONSORS Reach out to local businesses as well as national businesses, strike a deal and offering them a good rate, table at the event or a highlighted spot on your marketing materials to spotlight the company.

TIP #10: SNAIL MAIL Take the time to write a personalized invitation to the influences in your community or to send a sample of your work to potential clients/customers.

Hope this helps and good luck at your next event!

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