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How Telemarketing and Inbound Marketing Work Together

Most successful marketers know when varied marketing channels are used collectively, magic happens. Here’s how telemarketing services and inbound marketing work hand in hand:

Telemarketing is an effective marketing strategy for millions of businesses offering products to other businesses or consumers. While the approach is heavy handed, there’s a method to the madness. Marketers must first look at percentages and numbers in order to determine how many sales are practical at the end of the day. To improve these numbers, experts are combining telemarketing with inbound marketing.

Before understanding the mechanism of this approach to telemarketing, let’s first explore what inbound marketing is. This refers to using platforms that pull customers in, rather than companies having to fish for new clientele. A prime example is social media. Inbound marketing works as an efficient form of lead generation.

Businesses can study customer patterns and make calls to only these customers who have actually expressed interest in their product or service.

The Benefits of Combining Inbound Marketing with Telemarketing:

  1. More Effective – Studies show the response rates for telemarketing increase with inbound marketing. Social media and other online platforms also play a key role in consumer’s decision-making process according to statistics and as a result, they are more likely to buy when they’re well informed.

  2. Lower Rates of Dropped Calls – Many telemarketers experience a dropped call before even reading the script or engaging with the prospective lead. With inbound marketing strategies, this incidence is minimized.

  3. A Better Reputation – If your company constantly angers or irritates customers with repetitive and non-targeted calls, chances are you’re tainting the brand. Reputation management is key to many successful brands, and inbound marketing can help to some extent.

  4. Lead Generation – One important aspect of successful telemarketing is having the right list of prospects. There are two options. One, the business can go out and buy these lists from third party companies, or two, they can generate the list on their own, through either social media or blog subscriptions. It’s one of the many reasons why social media and blogging are considered to be invaluable tools in the business place. Furthermore, a privacy policy tells the customer their information will never be sold, and users can opt-in or out of any marketing strategies from your company.

It’s a win-win for all involved. The lead generation point extends even further. When residential lists are sold, demographics like age and income are there, but no data on preferences is provided. Data collected from inbound marketing channels is priceless. It opens your eyes to what users like and dislike.

Does your company need professional telemarketing services? How about inbound marketing leads? Work with a professional and start seeing the results you want. Grindstone Sales and Marketing Solutions is based in Baltimore, Maryland, and we work with companies throughout the nation and globe.

Grindstone focuses on integrated marketing by combining several effective channels, including those described in this article. If you’ve implemented a telemarketing strategy with few results, consider merging inbound marketing also. Our firm can set this up professionally so intelligent business decisions are made. Contact us to learn more.

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