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How to Stop Losing and Start Closing Your Telemarketing Sales Leads

The ultimate goal of all lead generation strategies is to close the deal or make the sale. Think about it: if you don’t close the deal, everyone loses. Not only do you lose financially, but so does your company. The customer loses as well because they can’t capitalize on what you have to offer. What does it take to turn sales leads into paying customers? It’s simpler than you might think.

Three “C’s” of Closing the Deal

There are three C’s standing between you and a successfully closed deal: consistency, commitment and can. Without these three elements, the deal won’t close and you will be on the losing end. By looking at these three attitudes as lead generation strategies, you will find greater success and more closed deals.

  1. Consistency – Do you want higher rates of closed deals? Consistency is a crucial factor. Being consistent will always translate into more closings. Maintaining consistency also offers you and the prospective client more stability and builds trust.

  2. Commitment – There may not be anything as important as staying with it. As you increase your level of commitment to developing and following through with your lead generation strategies, your efforts will lead to more conversions. This means sticking with the program, making any necessary adaptations and doing what it takes to get it done. Staying committed will bring good results over time.

  3. Can – Having a positive attitude and knowing you can do it will carry you a long way and generate more positive results in the end. Going into every sales lead available with a “can-do” attitude will generate a positive energy, helping you stay focused and creating a great foundation to conduct business. Going into your lead generation strategies telling yourself you can accomplish your goals will help you with negotiations and closings.

These three elements will help you close the deal more often. By maintaining a positive attitude, being committed and doing it on a consistent basis, you’ll experience fewer losses and more wins overall.

Cost of a Lost Deal

The success rate of B2B telemarketing services depends on being able to close the deal at the negotiation table. It’s extremely costly to lose a deal and creates a negative impact in many ways. You lose more than the deal. You lose confidence and hope, leading to more lost deals. Maintaining these three basic elements in your presentation will help ensure you close more often, which perpetuate even more wins. Closing deals helps generate positivity, leading to a cycle of success, rather than one of failure.

Are you ready to turn your sales leads into realized successes? Contact us to learn how to turn your lead generation strategies into sales.

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