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How to Successfully Launch B2B Marketing on Social Media

Need to know how to successfully launch a B2B marketing campaign with Social media? Then we are here to share a few tips with you on how to successfully start a launch up!

To succeed in B2B marketing, a business must do much more than simply open a corporate account on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

For starters you need to be a major influence on your online reputation. Social media is an open forum. Customers will discuss you online with or without your consent. As a savvy business, you should monitor these conversations not to tell people what they can or cannot say but to learn about your customers. Customers have the power to share their opinions, feelings, needs, and desires.

Sometimes you have to start small to aim big. Use Google Alerts to see when people discuss your company throughout the Internet. Use BlogPulse and Technorati to see what bloggers and consumers are say about your company, products and services. These services are easy to use and free!

Secondly, learn to better position your brand.

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook give you a crucial opportunity to build your brand awareness! Social networks can improve your position in the market as well as increase purchase intent by consumers! The fact your brand can be mentioned across social network will enhance the potential for your marketing success.

Research by DDB Worldwide and OpinionWay Research discovered that 36% of consumers that follow a brand on Facebook are more inclined to purchase from that brand than a competing brand. They are also more likely to refer their friends to the brand.

Another great tactic to launch a successful B2B social media campaign is to engage your prospects and customers!

Use social media to build a bond with your business prospects early. Help your business prospects solve problems through advice, useful products and services.

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