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How to Use Psychology to Sell Better: Part One

As amazing as the human brain is, our minds are prone to behaving in predictable ways. Many of us don’t even realize we are making these basic and reliable conclusions because they are built into the normal functions of our brains. Although these patterns may seem normal, they are anything but ordinary. They cause us to believe things and act in certain ways that may seem ridiculous in hindsight. Learning how to use these patterns and biases can help create a consumer need for your products and services. Below are the first two tried and true  idiosyncrasies you can roll into your lead generation techniques.

The Ambiguity Effect

Your manager has decided to treat you to lunch after meeting your b2b sales goals for the year. He gives you two choices: you can either go to the restaurant you know and enjoy, or he can treat you to a meal at a new restaurant neither of you have tried. This new establishment could be awful or amazing, but neither of you know. The ambiguity effect causes people to avoid unknown options or those in which the outcome is unidentified. Due to this effect, you are more likely to choose the first option because you already have an idea how the meal is going to go.

For telemarketing services and sales, it is important to make sure your customers know what results they can expect from your products and services. Make sure your b2b sales team quickly and fully answers any questions their leads may have to ensure they know exactly what they are going to get from you.

The Anchoring Effect

Even though your parents have always told you not to judge a book by its cover, our brains are programmed to do exactly that. Whether its positive or negative, the first impression is what counts for our brains. This first detail acts as an anchor for our minds, and we use it to compare all other details. In terms of telemarketing services teams, this means first impressions are the most important thing to your customer. Make sure your staff has a rock star introduction to impress and flatter your leads and make the best first impression possible.

The brain is an amazing and powerful tool capable of taking the human race to new heights. Luckily, psychological biases, such as the ambiguity and anchoring effects, mean the brain can also push your sales to new heights. Learn more about psychological biases in our next blog.

If you’re looking for more b2b sales leads, contact us. Our professional staff uses the latest lead generation techniques to drive more customers to your business.

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