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Improve Your B2B Sales Discovery Calls by Avoiding These Mistakes

The art of making great B2B sales discovery calls is difficult to master for many. The market, and subsequently, consumer behavior, is always changing, meaning callers have to adapt on a constant basis to keep up. This also means the approach discovery callers make toward prospective clients also has to be altered frequently. However, many discover callers wind up making errors that jeopardize their chances of landing a great deal. We’ve compiled a list of what not to do while scouting for telemarketing sales leads.

Don’t Jump the Gun When Approaching a Client

When a prospective client begins showing positive reception to a B2B deal, it can be tempting to begin giving said client as much information as possible with the assumption the deal is sure to go through. However, this can intimidate a client to the point they lose interest in your offer entirely. Try easing every client you encounter into a sale by giving them pieces of information at a time and playing the call by ear. Get to know the potential client and what they are interested in, and let that guide how you handle the call.

Don’t Skimp on Researching Your Potential Clients

Before you make your first call to a prospective client, you should know everything there is to know about their company, their interests and their current business practices. This will help you figure out how to approach the conversation and connect with the client, thus making them more receptive to your offer. Here is a list of some of the most important things to research prior to making your first call:

  1. Mutual relationships with other companies

  2. The client’s website

  3. The websites of their competitors

  4. LinkedIn

  5. The client’s financial statements

  6. Any social media accounts the client owns

Don’t Forget to Inform Your Client of the Value Your Company Can Bring

B2B telemarketing has one purpose: to lay the foundation for a business relationship. Business relationships are meant to be of mutual benefit to each party. However, your client will quickly lose interest if the conversation does nothing to inform them of how they will benefit from the partnership. They will then feel like they participated in conversation with you for nothing, and you will likely miss out on a valuable potential partner. It’s best to get to the point of what this potential relationship has to offer to you both. Here are some ways to get to the heart of the matter.

  1. Provide your client with little-known information about your particular industry.

  2. Allude to case studies run by your company or others.

  3. Offer some vital business management tips.

  4. Assure your client you will provide them with relevant documentation.

  5. Target your client’s pain point and explain how your company can help soothe it.

  6. Give them access to positive customer feedback about your company.

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