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Integrate Your Marketing Strategy By Utilizing Digital B2B Telemarketing Tools

Cold calling, telemarketing, business cards, brochures, postcards, vinyl banners — For decades, Brick and mortar B2B businesses have used these traditional marketing tools to sell their goods to their customers. These platforms are still productive selling tools. However, companies realize that they need an active digital and social media marketing strategy to stay competitive.

Online B2B marketing is not only needed, but it is expected by your customer. Today’s potential customer often judges a business by its website and/or social media campaign. The saying “Keeping up with Jones,” really applies to your B2B website and that of your competitors.

B2B Businesses that disregard the web and do not have a web presence are considered old and outdated. Your business needs to have a functioning website that will sell your goods and a social media campaign to guide, promote, and remind your loyal customers of what you have to offer.

Here are four B2B Integrated Marketing tools to get you started. They will add value to your company’s B2B digital marketing success:

  1. B2B Telemarketing Campaign Planning: Come up with a sales and market strategy that is built on understanding your target market and learn how to reach them. Sign up for Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Trends. These tools will help you understand your B2B audience as well as your competitor’s audience.

  2. Pick One or Two Pilot B2B Telemarketing Campaigns to test your integration: For most newcomers, Social media can be overwhelming, so start small and don’t let it consume you— Just do it. To start sign up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (Any social media will draw attention to your business, but Facebook is preferred.) For some B2B companies, a Facebook paid campaign might be more cost effective than starting a Google AdWords campaign.

  3. B2B Email/Newsletter Campaign:  Sign-up for MailChimp or Constant Contact, or any other customer notification source. Capturing emails from your website is a guaranteed way of building customer loyalty that is already interested in what you have to sell.

  4. Create an Integrated B2B Marketing Calendar: Plan your marketing, fundraising, and events for the year by having a structured layout that will give you a clear path to what you want the business to achieve. Plus it will be the guiding map that dictates what needs to be done next.

Database Cleanup and Updating

It has been said that 90% of the world’s data has been collected in only the past 2 years. Businesses and households are no longer as static as in past years. Therefore, the challenge of maintaining accurate data in any B2B or B2C market is challenging to say the least. If your database is out of date then it will be under-performing. Resulting in costly, inaccurate marketing mailings and gaps in your customer knowledge. Data cleansing is an effective way to check and correct your customer information, ensuring you always get the most from your database.

Reduce mailing costs Increase response Ensure legal compliance Eliminate duplication Improve accuracy

Data cleansing is critical to maximizing the value of your customer and prospect database. Data decays at over 30% every year and therefore the importance of keeping on top of your records is paramount. Ensure that your money is not wasted on sending offline and online campaigns to inaccurate or duplicated customer records.

Interested in database cleanup and cleansing? Click here

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