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Kickstart Your Sales Team with B2B Sales Support Medicine

This article will focus on how to kickstart your sales. Many factors contribute to upswings and downward cycles when it comes to sales. For example, according to the British Retail Consortium, after the national economy, changes in seasons have a significant influence on your client’s spending habits.

Wouldn’t it be great if your company’s sales were consistent all year long? Yet, for many businesses, that isn’t the case. So you wonder, what can you do to improve these sales in such downturns?

Here are B2B sales support medicine tips

1. Be Aware: Many businesses are so busy dealing with the day-to-day operations that they are not aware that their downturns happen year after year during a given week or month during the year. For example, many businesses suffer in the summertime—Amazon sellers often referred to this as “the summer sales slow down.” The good news is that once you acknowledge that your business is slowing down at specific times throughout the year, you can develop a strategy to combat it.

2. One goal at a time: Setting too many goals at one time will overwhelm you and your client and make them unattainable. Pursue one at a time per client to achieve success, and once you have been successful, move on to the next goal. Check that your assumptions are correct and that you are on the right path to reach your desired outcome. Many times a deal doesn’t move forward because you and your client are at different points of the sales process. Just because a potential prospect seems interested, hinted, or verbally doesn’t mean they are ready to move forward. For large B2B companies, many aspects need approval from higher-ups. In these situations, it is best to be patient, remind the client that you will walk them through the process and answer any questions or concerns they have and that you are will to talk to any other decision-maker. Otherwise, if you just assume they are onboard, then without realizing it, you may appear high pressure or pushy which could lead to driving the client away.

3. Be Persistent: Just because you haven’t heard from your potential client, don’t assume that the deal is dead. Remember, once again, that many of these B2B companies have a pecking order where many higher-ups have to sign off on the process. Also, remember that while your paycheck depends on their business, you are not the most important person’s to-do list. Clients are ALWAYS busy. There are many reasons why a potential prospect can go silent, and almost all of them have nothing to do with you. Many times budget approval is needed from their boss, or there was a shake-up in the company, and the person in charge of the deal was let go. So, don’t give up. In both of these situations, the best thing to do to jumpstart your sales team is give the client a little time and be empathetic. Reach out to the new hire and explain where you were in the process and try to restart the sale.

4. Sell Your Products Advantages and not its features: Jumpstart your sales team starts by highlighting the benefits of your products and the advantages they bring to a company instead of its features allows your potential B2B customers to see the added benefits of going with you instead of your competitors. Don’t over message. Too many times, sales representatives can make the mistake of responding to lack of communication by pushing too much communication through emails, texts, and calls. Instead of bombarding your client with too much contact, cut through the clutter by bringing it down to a human level and send them a friendly note by snail mail or by email. Be humble, short, and sweet, and at the same time, clearly state your intent on working with them.

Kickstart your sales team!

Remember, it is normal for B2B sales to stall at some point in the transaction. However, how you deal with it can mean the difference between closing a sale or losing a potential customer. Just remember to give the client some space and reconnect with empathy and genuine interest instead of an intense pressure campaign.

Happy Sales!


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