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Lead Generation

Grindstone specializes in B2B sales and marketing programs including Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, and direct Telesales. Grindstone’s approach integrates talented people, automated lead development, and proper management oversight. For the past couple of years, we have been publishing the top B2B sales and marketing trends that we consider will have the most impact on a company’s ability to gain and maintain spirited advantage. Our agents and managers are experienced professionals. We provide strategic business development actions for clients with a low cost product or service or clients that offer goods and services that are high value and composite that requires more than one call to achieve results.

A large collection of programs have been conducted across a broad spectrum of industries since 2003. Client return on investment is the number one priority. When it comes to building valuable relationships with customers, sales representatives are critical players on the front lines. Every plan starts with the goal of maintaining a successful partnership with the client. Grindstone conducts marketing programs both nationally and internationally. We offer a wide variety of services:

The way to creation an audience and gaining leads has become a tricky lane. The average consumer has become increasingly more difficult to strike. Lead generation are all about branching out and trying innovative things in order to get listeners and customers that have the most importance. Every single lead we bring through Business to Business (B2B) telemarketing has agreed to some form of appointment with you or your sales representatives. Whether your target is C- or VP-level executives, buyers, IT professionals, OEM or channel sales partners, our expert appointment setters are ready to supply capable appointments for your team. Lead Generation is not a quickly process. It takes a lot of inquiries and determination. We specializes in a high-touch, non-manipulative, consultative approach that gives our clients the results they’re looking for, consistently. Grindstone will work with you to develop a long term policy for successful B2B Lead Generation.

Are your prospects challenging-to-reach Executives? We follow through from lead to close, in order to generate and build up customer relationships. Our agents make use of their personalities to develop rapport. They are specially taught to overcome obstacles between you and the buyers. They stay in contact with existing and liable customers at each section of the sales cycle.

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