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Market Research and Database Updating

Grindstone believes that every successful marketing initiative starts with a high quality and precise database. Grindstone generates custom data capture points in system specific to your needs and maximizes your marketing and sales efforts.We can quickly update and streamline your database for most favorable market penetration. We standardize your data so that tracking and updates are simplified. Old names and businesses will be removed. Duplicates will be eliminated so that you have a firm grip on your number of prospects.Let us swiftlyenhance your lead generation campaign with a database that is packed with feasible and targeted contacts and information.

Grindstone’s Business Development Agents and Management team are among the finest in the industry.We update Organizational changes along with all contact information including Direct decision maker, direct dial phone numbers, and email addresses. Having access to the right target visions and their most recent contact information is vital to your success.Our thinking is to utilize experienced professionals and technology automation working together to maximize results.

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