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Mobile Marketing for Your Business

Optimizing your marketing campaigns with integrated marketing solutions for mobile devices is growing more vital for businesses. Not only is it important to have a responsive landing page that looks nice on a phone or a tablet, but now it’s important to really think about what the user is doing and thinking while they’re using their device to interact with your business.

Although people still tend to use both mobile and desktop devices, their behavior and goals change depending on which device they’re using and when. That is why in addition to telemarketing services, businesses have been moving toward ways of adding integrated marketing solutions to their marketing mix as well.

FACT: Mobile users sort through and save emails to read later.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to send traffic to landing pages. Now, 65 percent of email is opened on a mobile device before a computer, meaning it’s more important than ever that every campaign you send is optimized to stand out to your mobile targets.

Optimize them for the people who skim.

Mobile users often judge their emails, especially non-personal ones, at a glance. Keep your emails short and to the point, divided into single-subject sections, and make them even more skim-friendly by adding headlines.

Keep the look simple.

Instead of bright, crazy colors, use simple backdrops and layouts that are mobile-responsive and include a clear explanation of the CTA, as well as a large button for the link.

FACT: Mobile users don’t mind scrolling.

All integrated marketing solutions with campaign emails should send the user to a dedicated landing page that continues the conversation you started, with clear next steps. To increase your chances of success, make the landing page mobile responsive so they won’t have to squint their eyes to read the page or pinch in and out to zoom. As long as the page is enticing and easy to read, the length won’t matter. Just focus on providing the information you need, no more, no less.

FACT: Mobile users are in the research phase.

Once a user gets to your mobile landing page, it’s important to understand your goals and what will motivate them to take action. Many users will still wait until they reach a desktop to actually convert or take action. One way you can try to disrupt their research phase is by adding an easy-to-locate “click to call” button.

FACT: Mobile users want converting to be quick and easy.

To make this happen, make sure your forms are as streamlined and easy to fill out as possible. Keep as few fields as possible in your form as well. Make sure you also use language around the form that’s inviting and makes it clear the opt-in process will be quick and easy on their mobile device.

Depending on your audience, this could take some trial and error. If you want to learn about more of our mobile marketing tips or business telemarketing services, contact us. Our team specializes in lead generation through integrated marketing solutions, B2B telemarketing services and more.

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