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Modern Day Telemarketing

Grindstone’s Business Development Agents and Management team are among the finest in the industry. Since 2003, many successful programs and revenue generating opportunities have been conducted. The ability to convey excellent results can be directly related to the representation on the phone. Their people do not view themselves as telemarketers, but rather business development experts who have made a career and living in this field.

Grindstone is not a call center, itis a professional business development company. They represent your company in the most constructive fashion and manner.Their goal is to deliver your message professionally and maintain the reputation and brand your company has strived so hard to produce.All productive partnerships require excellent communication skills and we offer clear and concise feedback along with valuable recommendations to attainbest results. They employ a proven outsourced sales model empowering our clients to focus on their internal priorities. They are capable of generating quality results through outsourced prospecting, while freeing your time and energy to focus on what you do best. Theyemploy experienced professionals and technology automation working together to maximize results.It is essential to set up trust and convey confidence with today’s educated customer. Each program is managed with the highest point of professionalism.

The solution to good telemarketing is attitude and enthusiasm. This has to be focused but someone with a great attitude and passion for your services will do better than someone with huge technical understanding of how your operation functions. You also would like to choose someone that will be open with you and be a strong communicator.

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