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Sales Outsourcing

The terms means, outsourcing the sales of a company to another company

The success of Sales outsourcing inspired many companies to outsource their sales to Business Process Outsourcing companies. Now these Business Process Outsourcing companies research the market, do complete analysis and then also deploy sales force to sell the product. Different measures like Sales Outsourcing, Sales Appointment Setting, Appointment Setting, B2B Business to Business Telemarketing, Lead Generation, etc are used to increase the sales of product at hand.

How does a company benefit from outsourcing the sales department?

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing complete Sales department:

1. Savings in day to day operational cost:

Almost all Business Process Outsourcing companies work on shared revenue model. Which means, if there are no sales, they make no money? That is not the case if you have your own Sales staff. You will have to pay the salaries and other benefits like medical, insurance, etc to name a few.

2. Lesser departments in the organization:

The biggest benefit of outsourcing is you do what you are best at. If your company is good at making TVs, please continue doing that. Production of TV is your core job, not selling them. You do what you are best at and we do what we are best at. You make, we sell. Simple.

3. Flexibility of Choice:

Since you are outsourcing your sales department to a Business Process Outsourcing company, you have a choice of maybe thousands of companies. You can select the most effective Business Process Outsourcing company, based on their excellence. Not just that, you can hire 4-5 outsourcing units. You will have to pay nothing out of your pocket to deal with multiple outsourcing companies. At the max, maybe 1 employee to manage all these outsourcing units. You can test the outsourcing companies based on results they provide, then you can stick to the best or all of them.

4. Better Quality of service:

Please remember, you are good at making TVs, but you may not be the best selling TVs. When you outsource your sales department to a Business Process Outsourcing company, you need to realize that they are expert in it, because this is their core business and this is what they do and are good at. The Outsourcing units these days have multi-layered quality checks to ensure the quality of sales.

A lot of companies have outsourced sales to different BPO companies in the recent times. This has reduced the costs and resulted in more profits through cost reduction and extra sales. Now, it is your choice.

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