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Telemarketing For Event Promoting

Telemarketing for Event Promotion is Highly Effective

How to use telemarketing for event promoting? More recently many companies are realizing that telemarketing for event promotions is highly effective, and have been utilizing this old cold calling technique to personalize and bring in more attendees to their events.

Do you have an upcoming event that you want to promote? These days, people have so much going on with work, school, and their personal lives — and not to mention trying to pull them away from their social media accounts, that it can be hard to get them to attend your event, let alone pay to register.

So, you wonder what are my options:

•Send postcards or mailers?

•Setup e-mail marketing campaign?

•Social media marketing?

•Telemarketing—wait, what? Isn’t that old school?

While mailers, email, and social media marketing have been the go to in the past the new go to option is telemarketing. By adding telemarketing to your event promotion mix it allows you to reach your event’s full potential.

What are the pluses of using targeted outbound telemarking services?

•It’s personal: a well informed lead generation company will speak to potential invitees directly and create personal relationship from the start.

•Only contact individuals that are interested in this type of event: the right telemarketing company knows your target audience and will explain the event’s value in a way that resonates with each prospect.

•Effective: a good telesales representative will confirm and process the registration in person over the phone which will boost the event’s attendance while increasing the quality of attendee data.

•Establishes Forward Thinking: nurturing relationships through personal one-to-one communication before and after the event boosts sales opportunity and encourages repeat event attendance.

Depending on your needs telemarketing promotions can align your company’s services and products with your event marketing strategy, and thus adding value to your company.

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