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The 10 “Always” and “Nevers” of B2B Telemarketing

What’s your comfort level with making telemarketing calls? Nearly everyone in the business of telemarketing services had cold feet when making their first cold calls, yet surprisingly, the process became easier. The following tips have been helpful for many who start working with a telemarketing service.

1.  Always begin your conversation by introducing yourself and your company.

After this introduction, clearly state the reason for your call. You might think openers, such as, “How ‘bout them Cowboys?” or “Is it hot enough for you?” are clever and engaging, but your prospect won’t.

2.  Never ask, “Is this a bad time?”

Quite frankly, it’s never a good time to have an unplanned diversion from one’s day. This question prompts too many unproductive answers. However, most people have learned to accept sales calls as a part of doing business. Simply state you’d like a minute of their time and why, then allow your prospect to choose a better time, if necessary.

3.  Always qualify your prospect in advance of the call.

Confirm they’re a good prospect once you have them on the phone: “I understand you need to replace your on-site recycling services.” Effective B2B telemarketing simply converts good leads who truly need your product or service into buyers.

4.  Never ad-lib.

Have a little consideration for their time. Your prospect may have an interest in what you are selling, but rarely do they want to “shoot the breeze.: Know exactly what you want to say and get right to the point.

5.  Never read your pitch.

Canned sales pitches will always turn off prospective buyers. If you’re still working from a script, turn the sentences into phrases and rewrite them in your own words so you don’t end up reading your way through the call.

6.  Always ensure you can be heard.

Do you typically blast your way through a conversation or lazily mumble under your breath? Notice when you’re calling friends if they continually ask you to repeat yourself. You may sometimes have a bad connection or encounter a prospect with hearing difficulties. Listen for clues that indicate a poor connection, ask if you can call back, then speak clearly.

7.  Never give two options for appointment times.

While this was a common practice at one time, it’s an unproductive way to get an appointment. Don’t assume they have their calendar at hand when you call. Ask them to look at their schedule and pick a time that suits them.

8.  Always confirm your appointment ahead of time.

This is simply just good business practice.

9.  Always persist with a qualified prospect.

Your timing may not always be perfect for them, even if your product is. Ask them for a better time and be punctual with your follow up call.

10.  Always schedule specific times in your day to call prospects.

Consider this time as you would an actual meeting and avoid potential distractions or interruptions. Plan on making an appropriate number of calls during that time period and challenge yourself to stick with that number. Of course, always expect you will win some and lose some.

If you’re one of those people whose palms sweat at the mere mention of cold-calling, contact us. Grindstone B2B experts have specialized in successful telemarketing, appointment setting, lead generation and survey marketing services since 2003.

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