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The Current State of Social Media Marketing

Learn why social media marketing is so important.

Social media marketing has rapidly grown in the past few years.

Social media marketing has proven to be a longstanding aspect of modern day marketing strategies. To paint a clearer picture, here are some facts about social media* in lieu of online exposure:

  1. Of all the online browsing we do at our computers, day after day, 27 percent accounts for social media use. This is no surprise. At any given time of the day, most of our friends or coworkers are busy checking out profiles or responding to messages and tweets.

  2. Mobile Internet use is also expanding as smartphone purchases soar. Fifteen percent of mobile data time is spent on social media.

  3. According to Hubspot, social media is more effective than other forms of marketing in terms of getting fresh new leads when compared to other platforms like pay-per-click advertising or telemarketing.

  4. In terms of conversions and ROIs, social media features 13 percent more results than other forms of marketing, such as those described above. To give an example, pay-per-click may lead users to the site and provide great traffic, but conversion rates may be lackluster. Social media, therefore, may be a better bet.

  5. Professional MarComs have realized the relevance of social media in business.

  6. For greater sales leads, 74 percent of marketers turn to Facebook.

  7. Don’t believe in the numbers game? Look again. When it comes to social media and brand awareness or lead generation, popularity does matter. There’s been an intricate link between pages with over a thousand likes and more site visitors. Similarly, Twitter business pages with over a thousand followers get an average of 800 more unique site visitors compared to businesses that don’t have this fan base.

  8. Is it possible to get customers through Facebook? Fifty-two percent of marketers have closed the deal at least once in 2013. For Twitter, the number is 36 percent and for LinkedIn it’s 43 percent.

  9. To improve upon customer satisfaction, studies reveal customers on Facebook will likely anticipate some mediation for complaints within the hour. This is due to the instant gratification the Internet provides. An online social media manager or company can monitor engagement to ensure the fastest response times.

  10. Loyal fans will likely share their likes with family and friends. An estimated 85 percent do so in terms of brand loyalty.

  11. Women are the biggest purveyors of brands, and they research in-depth, more so than their male counterparts, at least five percent more.

  12. In terms of the consumer decision making process, get this: 46 percent of Internet browsers rely on social media to help them make a choice.

*Findings from the State of Inbound Marketing Report for 2013.

Many individuals have an opinion on the effectiveness or usefulness of this marketing platform, but not everyone bases their opinion on research. These numbers helps marketers get a more objective view on the value of social media in business.

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