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The Reason Countless Companies are Losing Business :: Business Development

Companies all across the nation are losing sales for one simple reason: their sales representatives are not adequately trained in critical thinking. Instead, they rely on scripts. But this is not how business is conducted…at least not success business.

Sales Tips: How to Close a Sales Deal

  1. Build a Relationship: Prospects want to be talked to, not talked at. They want to feel as if they are being heard and that their needs are being met. It is up to the sales rep to make sure this happens. And since this type of conversation requires almost constant adaptation, it cannot be achieved using a script.

  2. Ask Questions: Prospects will be eager to tell you what they think. This also shows that you care about your prospect’s opinion.

  3. Be Personable: Be energetic. No one wants to do business with someone who seems disinterested in what they are selling. If you are not excited about your product or service, why should your prospect care?

  4. Think on Your Feet: If you start to lose a prospect’s interests, you need to figure out how to regain their attention. This cannot be done by reading a script.

  5. Be Flexible: If the sales call starts to go in an unintended direction, go with it. Do not be forceful. Conversations do not follow scripts.

Of course, if you would rather leave the selling to the professionals, outsourcing is always an excellent option!

B2B Telemarketing, B2B Telesales, and B2B Appointment Setting with Grindstone Business Development

Grindstone is a full service, outsourced Business Development Company providing professional sales support and complete sales outsourcing solutions to Domestic and International clients alike. Grindstone specializes in Business to Business (B2B) programs including direct telesales, lead generation, database updating, customer retention, and B2B appointment setting services. Grindstone recruits, manages, and maintains top level talent through a superior management infrastructure. Consistent communication, feedback, and strategy refinement are a core trait. Grindstone is an extension of each client’s business and operates at the highest levels of professionalism. Every client program starts with the goal of establishing a long-term ongoing partnership.

If you have any questions our B2B Telemarketing, B2B Appointment Setting, and B2B Telesales, please contact Grindstone – based out of Baltimore, Maryland -by calling 1-888-724-7463 or click here today!

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