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Time-Tested Strategies to Boost Your B2B Sales This Quarter

Get more out of your B2B sales.

Give your B2B sales a much needed boost.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a mid-market sales manager, quarterly results is the name of the game. Novice and seasoned sales veterans alike can always use a few sales boosting strategies so here are some you may not have considered before or are still worth revisiting.

Who Are You Talking To?

Before you start your telemarketing pitch, do you really know who you’re talking to? Qualifying your lead requires an intimate understanding of their position in the company. A C-level executive will have different areas of focus than the small business owner. What drives their spending? What are their pain points? The more knowledgeable you are on the topics that interest your particular prospect, the greater your chances of getting their time and attention. Once you have this level of understanding, you’re better equipped to develop optimal solutions for the unique business needs of each of your telemarketing sales leads.

In addition to having a thorough understanding of your lead’s position in the company, you should spend an ample amount of time researching their company before making your call. Knowing what their company’s challenges, successes and areas for growth are can help you further assess their needs. This allows you to offer solutions they can use in applications for their business operations. In many cases, simply knowing the client and their company inside and out is enough to land you the sale so don’t skimp on your research.

Analyze Your Analytics

If you don’t have a healthy grasp of how analytics can help your organization, it’s time to get on board. Using analytic data can take you up close and personal with your prospects and should be one of your primary lead generation techniques. Information provided from analytics gives you relevant insight into whom, when and how you should be prospecting. There is just too much invaluable data that can be extracted from analytics to ignore its value as a sales tool.

Find Your Efficiency Niche and Stick with It

Getting organized is one thing, but staying organized keeps you efficient and saves valuable time, whether you are prospecting sales leads or managing a sales team. Do you use a software application to organize notes and calls, or have you developed your own carefully managed system that works for you?

Even seasoned sales veterans will occasionally find themselves scrolling through emails or searching through phone messages from prospective clients. These are huge time robbers. When conducting b2b sales on the telephone, you had better be at least as organized as the person on the other end of the call. Ideally, you should be on top of your game with every prospect or business call.

If your time is too crunched to efficiently pursue leads or your prospects are dwindling, contact us. A lead generation firm like Grindstone could be your best strategy this quarter. Our experts have specialized in B2B telemarketing, appointment setting, lead generation and survey marketing services since 2003.

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