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Using a Prospect’s Personality to Your Advantage

If you want to be successful at sales, flexibility is an essential quality to possess. Being flexible lets you customize your approach to engaging a possible prospect. Just a few minor adjustments when necessary can make or break a deal. If you can learn to quickly assess a few characteristics in the person you are dealing with, you can make these adjustments to help sway things to your advantage in your B2B telemarketing services.

Dominant Personality

Someone with a dominating personality is a take-charge type of person who knows how to get things done. They are typically not put off by direct confrontation and welcome a challenge. They usually multi-task and are listening, even if they don’t seem to be.

Weaknesses of a Dominant Personality

Prospects with a domineering personality aren’t going to be patient and typically like a more direct, diplomatic approach. They struggle with listening to you and are ready to move on to the next project or task. They may tell you as much.

Selling to a Dominant Personality

You need to know your stuff before approaching a prospect with a dominant type. Be prepared and be ready to get the information you need them to know in their hands. Respond quickly to their questions and keep the relationship businesslike.

Analytical Personality

Analytical types need to think things through. They are sharp, accurate and have exceptional problem-solving skills. They are also extremely organized and like to have a well-defined plan in place.

Weaknesses of the Analytical Personality

Disorganization can be a deal breaker in telemarketing services if you are dealing with the analytical type. They want predictable, organized information and don’t like confrontation. Give them the solution you are offering and then let them think about it and work it out themselves. They rely heavily on data so give them plenty to work with.

Selling to the Analytical Personality

Avoid a lot of trite or social talk; just give them some logical options and plenty of time to think. You’ll find that following a timetable will be beneficial. It will allow them to make decisions without pressure.

Socializing Personality

The socializer is able to think and act quickly. As a general rule, they are creative, inspirational and optimistic. They are into promoting new ideas, people or opportunities and can be verbally persuasive too.

Weaknesses of the Socializing Personality

This personality does not relate well to formal reports or details. They also don’t want to re-do something that’s been done. Individuals with this personality type can be quite impulsive.

Selling to the Socializing Personality

Be enthusiastic and quick to praise. Allow them to set the pace for the meeting and summarize your goals in writing, but without complicated forms or procedures. Criticism turns this personality off so be sure to keep it positive.

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