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Using Polite Persistence to get B2B Sales Appointments

Ever wonder how to break through that inbox clutter or the instant black hole of voicemail and hang-ups? Using Polite Persistence to get B2B Sales Appointments is the way to go for your businesses successful lead generation campaign.

So you’ve done all of the preliminary work and research on a prospect, and it looks like their business could really gain from your help, so the next step is getting them on the phone. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. These days people are very wary of unsolicited calls. So, how do you break through the inbox clutter or get them to answer the phone? Here are some simple tips to break through and follow up with prospects without bothering them too much.

Using Polite Persistence to get B2B Sales Appointments

How to follow up without being annoying:

Choose the right channel to reach out to prospects. Decide which media format is the best way to reach the candidate, whether it be by phone, referrals, email, weekly/daily newsletters, or social media. Some Lead Generation organizations start with an email while others prefer to just get on the line and give potential prospects a call. And while social media and weekly newsletters are great at getting information to prospects, two of the most popular ways to connect with prospects are emails or phone calls.

Email is a visual medium and usually gets at least a quick glance before someone deletes it or sends it to the spam folder, so make sure to create an engaging one. Phone calls can instantly get you on the line with a person, but can also be the quickest turn-off. So you have to make sure that you a good script and know who you are talking to before you dial. Also, make sure you are prepared to leave a voicemail or else it will go in one ear and out the other and into the delete folder.

Build a rapport with prospects. When telephone and email do not work, try using less formal channels to build a relationship with the prospect such as referrals, social media, and newsletters. With social media, you can interact with all sorts of companies and people that are outside of your network, allowing you to build up a rapport without being annoying.

Catch potential prospects attention by creating well-defined scripts for your sales team to utilize with a clear message about what services you offer and how it can help their business but remember to keep it brief whether it be on the phone, in an email, or by a newsletter. Also, be consistent and persistent so that the prospect becomes familiar with you. Sales professionals are taught to be persistent, it’s part of their job description to follow-up, and they’re very good at not taking NO for an answer.

But, just as it’s good to be consistent and persistent, it is also good to know when to call it quits, so it is good to set up a guideline for knowing when to give up on a candidate.

And lastly, it is essential to remember that you are working with the company and not the prospect, so do not take it personally. Try to stay unemotional, and remember that prospecting is a numbers game.

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