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Using Psychology for B2B Sales: Part 3

The mind can be a powerful thing. When you learn how to tap into your customer’s psyche, you will see an increase in your sales. We’ve already discussed several tactics you can use to improve your sales through the use of psychology. This blog post will discuss new strategies you can introduce to your sales team in an effort to generate more B2B sales leads. B2B telemarketing sales services often utilize these approaches to sales in order to increase the profits of their clients. If you use these psychological sales practices, you can achieve greater success with your sales calls as well.

The Decoy Effect

Many times you encounter individuals who seem to have difficulty deciding between two options. While offering them one choice isn’t viable, have you considered adding a third alternative? Logic would indicate adding another option wouldn’t make it any easier to come to a decision, but studies have proven otherwise. In fact, a study conducted by Duke University revealed adding a third option that is not as appealing as the previous two can help guide individuals in making the right choice. For instance, presenting your top service compared to a mid-level service will cause great indecision. However, if your B2B sales team adds in a low-end service to the list of options, your customers are more likely to choose one of the better plans.

To maximize your sales, it’s important to present viable options you feel will benefit your customers. However, if you find the customer is having difficulty reaching a final decision, introducing a decoy alternative will reinforce their instincts and help them make a purchasing selection.

Rhyme-As-Reason Effect

Did you ever use rhyming as a way to remember certain information in school? Even though rhymes are often easier to remember, there are psychological reasons telemarketing sales services use it as a sales tactic. According to psychological principles, the mind automatically views rhyming words to be more truthful than statements that don’t exhibit rhyming qualities, even if the two messages are exactly the same. For this reason, it pays to be a bit poetic in writing sales pitches for your B2B sales team.

You don’t have to create an entire sales pitch in rhyme. A well placed rhyming value statement or key takeaway will produce better results. You may even benefit from using rhyming in areas of your sales that may be difficult for your customers to understand.

Generating B2B sales leads may require new sales tactics in order to continue to produce results. When you take a psychological approach to your sales, you can reach your potential customers on a new level. These strategies are a great asset when you are experiencing a lull in your typical sales or are interested in generating more sales. Working with B2B telemarketing services can help you decide which of these sales tactics are the most likely to have positive results.

If you’re looking for telemarketing sales services to help you use these and other psychological sales strategies, contact us. Grindstone provides telemarketing services customized to meet your needs.

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