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Utilizing Virtual Pros to Support Your Sales Team During a Pandemic

Within the last twenty years, almost every article on sales touched upon selling products virtually. However, with the COVID-19 utilizing virtual pros to support your sales team during a pandemic has become the main avenue to keeping most businesses afloat. In 2021, the digital revolution is over and is now the way of life for almost all industries. B2B virtual selling has become part of the sales process whereby many new businesses are built.

  1. Adopt an effective mindset with a clear strategy

  2. Optimize your environment and acquire the necessary internet tools

  3. Communicate with your team and customers and deliver the right answers

  4. Structure virtual meetings so that there is zero confusion when it comes to setting goals

When the COVID-19 pandemic is over, many organizations, enterprises, and B2B companies will forever change and are most likely to never return to their old ways of running their business.

Utilizing Virtual Pros to Support Your Sales Team During a Pandemic

Making the shift towards virtual sales is not only a short-term safeguard for revenues but also enables long-term profitable growth. Utilizing a professional B2B team like can help guide your sales. With all of this change comes a fear of the unknowing. As head of an organization, you want to test the waters without sinking the ship and wonder how to safely make the plunge. It is important to note that you do not need to expect or lower your financial objectives for the year set in the company’s budget. A sale is a sale, no matter if it is closed in person or online.

So, the first thing that you will want to do to get started is to make a list of your business functions that can successfully be shifted online. For example, your sales force can quickly move to video conferencing with services like Zoom or Microsoft’s Teams for customer/client interactions. The pandemic has made these formats standard and, in these times, expected.

Once the strategic plan has been set, implemented, and ready for action. The leadership should guide sales teams or decide if it is best to outsource to B2B sales support experts to create scripts, build qualified lists, and manage the workflow. It is essential to know where you are going so that the company gets there. There may or may not be training required because many of these formats have been around for a while.


  1. What are you selling

  2. How will the products be positioned

  3. Create scripts for your B2B sales teams

  4. Track performance

  5. Steer sales objectives

  6. When to adapt sales strategy per customer type

Are there a lot of differences compared to physical client meetings?

In normal circumstances, there would be a lot of differences when it comes to face-to-face meetings vs. virtual meetings, but as stated early, in this pandemic, a virtual meeting is expected. Because many workers are working from home, the company must implement a strategy whereby the sales team stays focused, has clear objectives, and is equipped with tools to track their performance.

Setting Strategic Goals

Sell virtually has its benefits. One benefit is that a buyer can purchase your products while your sales team is offline and can learn about your products on their own.

But yes, the way you run your business will be different. You will most likely be communicating more through emails and text rather than by phone. And because of this, your standard workday may feel more like it is taking place in a 24-hour realm instead of a 9 to 5 schedule—this can take a little time to adjust to.

In this work environment where your team is not in the office, and your customers or clients are not meeting with you face-to-face, it is essential to hold daily, weekly, or monthly virtual meetings. When selling virtually, preparation and structure are necessary to keep the ship moving to reach goals.

When managing your sales team, here are things to consider:

  1. Conducting short daily check-ins for employees and sales teams

  2. Encourage collective sharing within your team to solve complex problems

  3. Create intervention techniques to combat unexpected sales team issues

  4. Incentivizing your sales teams

Remember, working from home is not for everyone, and it is essential to monitor your sales force to keep them focused. Motivating your B2B team with sales incentives can keep them on point. Also, utilizing de-isolating techniques such as blending fun tasks through online games to build companionship can significantly benefit your organization’s health and mindset in this challenging time.


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