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Vaccine For Your Business

We all need a vaccine these days, including our businesses. So how do we find a growth vaccine for your business, you ask? Two undeniable truths are evident in the business world when it comes to business growth and development. First, all businesses, regardless of size, face the same challenge, which is, in order to grow and develop more profit, it will be necessary to find a consistent flow of new customers. Secondly, if you’re not actively marketing your business, you’re really not in business.

When it comes to finding new customers, you have many marketing choices to choose from; you can do TV or Radio advertising, social media advertising, online advertising, direct mail, etc. The problem with these modes of marketing is that you have absolutely no control over the response rate, which traditionally is exceptionally low, or who is actually responding to your marketing efforts. Conversely, if you do no marketing at all, your business will die on the vine.

There’s a reason why B2B Telemarketing has been around over the decades and has consistently outperformed the aforementioned methods of marketing. It’s because you can actually control who you are talking to about your business and value proposition. With B2B Telemarketing you are eyeball to eyeball, belly to belly with decision-makers who have the authority and the wherewithal to make a buying or purchasing decision for your product or service, and you can leverage your time by quickly determining if you’re dealing with a “suspect” or an actual “prospect.”

Growth Vaccine For Your Business

Managing the front end of the sales cycle, which comprises cold calling, prospecting, and qualifying prospects, is incredibly time-consuming, and most businesses, large or small, don’t want their salespeople bogged down with this labor intensive but necessary “grunt work.” Therefore, many choose to outsource this function to professional B2B Telemarketing Sales Support companies like Grindstone, which has the infrastructure and expertise in place and has been successfully representing our clients since 2003 to bring in a consistent and sustainable flow of highly qualified new business opportunities with decision-makers for their salespeople to get in front of and do what they do best and that’s to close new business.

Call Grindstone today or visit our website to schedule a time to explore our month-to-month B2B Telemarketing solutions and what they can mean for the growth of your business going forward.


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