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What Are the Benefits of B2B Telemarketing Scripts?

The obvious goal of telemarketing sales leads is to end up making a sale. You want to overwhelm prospective clients so it results in a quick sale. B2B telemarketing scripts are designed to put just enough pressure on the prospect, they feel like they have to make the purchase. A script is a tool used to make the sale quickly without giving the client much time to think about or process it. Here are a few of the basic elements of a good script and how each one works.

Using Guilt

One element of an effective script is to use guilt. Make them feel like they are creating something negative, which is going to affect others in a harmful or neglectful way. Once they say they are not interested in your product or service, use whatever is relevant to pile on the guilt.

Flattery Gets You Everywhere

Another tactic to get a quick sale is to use flattery. Tell the potential client how smart they are by playing on their intelligence. Use something in the conversation to give them empty platitudes. Tell them they are obviously smart or point out their sense of good taste.

Build a Shallow, Quick Rapport

In B2B telemarketing, you want to establish a quick rapport with the potential customer. Even though it’s fake, a shallow rapport is established quickly by finding something you have in common. This is done by finding something quickly. For instance, you hear a dog barking in the background so you mention you have a dog as well. Maybe you point out you both have the same first name, a similar name or are from the same region. This creates a casual atmosphere and establishes an important connection, which can be built on from there.

Over-the-Top Promises

Using this strategy makes the client feel like they are making the best decision in the world. Tell them how much they are going to love your service or product or how happy they are going to be once they commit to making the purchase. Pour on how happy they will be once they make the deal.

Art of the Scripted Call

Scripting calls works by offering a counter to any “no” you are given. Any time the caller hits a no, another tactic is tried. It’s planned out so the prospect isn’t let off the hook with a simple no and designed so you get everything possible out of all telemarketing sales leads and end more of them by closing the deal. In most cases, the potential client is worn down as callers are expected to try at least three rebuttals. In about 90 percent of the calls, the buyer will give up and make a purchase. The other 10 percent will just hang up.

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