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What Kind of Working Skill Do We Need to be a Qualified Business Developer?

In order to succeed, business should always strive to be better – aka business development. But many companies simply do not have the time or resources (or both) to properly address every aspect of their own development. This is where outsourcing comes into play.

Outsourcing allows companies to continue to focus on their core business activities without having to worry about falling behind the competition. Other benefits include:– Continued flow of day-to-day operations– Priority handling of critical tasks in a timely manner– Time for focus on strategic business initiatives– Access to specialized resources with minimal commitment and impact on overhead costs– Impartial, third-party validation of business strategies

But how do you know you are outsourcing your company’s business development to a qualified developer? Well, here is a list of qualities and skills that your business development specialist should possess. They include:

1.   Stay Educated: A quality business developer should always strive to learn more about anything and everything that holds an interest or possibly impacts your development targets.

2.   Cultivate to the point of being “gifted” with the ability to listen: The ability to seek and dig out where the clients “pain” lies buried. A business developer is the physician that cures the pain. Most deals fail in their infancy because the business developer talks too much – usually about themselves. Find the pain – find success.

3.   Know the company you represent: First learn their weaknesses and where they failed, why they failed and how they cleaned up the mess – if they ever cleaned it up at all. Obsess until you get your answers. Ask questions and LISTEN!

4.   Keep track of strengths and weaknesses: A good business developer should keep detailed notes about his client’s strengths and weaknesses and characteristics of the players that surround that company.

5.   Surrounded by specialists: A good business developer is the ringmaster not the star. Learn to hand off to the experts, in their field of endeavor.

6.   Respect: Respect everyone including the parking attendant. They are a plethora of secrets. Pay attention to even the smallest detail.

7.   Relentlessness: Let everyone know you are relentless. Never fear the word “no” only fear when you get no response what so ever.

8.   Be attentive: Never under estimate what may seem to be the least important person in the meeting.

9.    Do the unthinkable: If you don’t have a cure, create a team of companies that can.

So if you are looking for a qualified business developer, make sure they possess the above qualities.

If you have any questions, contact Grindstone Business Development by calling 1-888-724-7463 or click here today!

Grindstone is a full service, outsourced Business Development Company providing professional sales support and complete sales outsourcing solutions to Domestic and International clients alike. Grindstone specializes in Business to Business (B2B) programs including direct telesales, lead generation, database updating, customer retention, and appointment setting services. Grindstone recruits, manages, and maintains top level talent through a superior management infrastructure. Consistent communication, feedback, and strategy refinement are a core trait. Grindstone is an extension of each client’s business and operates at the highest levels of professionalism. Every client program starts with the goal of establishing a long term ongoing partnership.

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