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What Top Telemarketing Sales Teams Do to Make Their Quotas

People employed in sales are naturally driven by their goals and achievements. Once they meet their monthly, quarterly or yearly sales quotas, they are ready to crush those same b2b sales goals the next time around. Effective sales teams are able to take advantage of this natural hunger by continuously raising quotas each year, driving their sales higher and higher; however, how can you make sure your telemarketing sales team is always able to meet your goals? Knowing how high to reach and how to support your team are essential to ensure success when stretching your quotas.

Time Management

Your team should be following up with initial sales leads within a few days, especially if you could not reach them by phone or email during the first point of contact. When is the best time to follow up on your sales leads? Many studies have attempted to pinpoint the best time and day sales leads should be contacted after your first try is unsuccessful. Whether or not you already have a procedure for your follow ups, it is important to make sure your follow up happens as soon as possible, especially with b2b sales.

The Four T’s of B2B Sales

Some of the nation’s best telemarketing sales teams use The Four T’s: time spent selling, training, turnover and tenure. These four factors can make or break your sales performance.

  1. Turnover: This can be a problem for sales organizations because your company will lose money if you are continuously recruiting and training new people. Motivation is closely tied to your telemarketing sales quotas because people perform their best when they feel they are appreciated.

  2. Tenure: Closely related to turnover, your longest selling reps are going to be your best selling reps. They know how to move your products and services and have been hitting their quotas for years.

  3. Training: The more time and effort you spend in training, the less time you will spend recovering from turnover. If you set your reps up for success, they are less likely to miss their quotas.

  4. Time spent selling: The more time your reps spend reeling in and following up with leads, the more likely they will be to meet their sales quotas.

Know How Hard to Push

If your team is destroying their monthly and quarterly quotas, you may be ready to push them way up for the next month or year. While this may be the best way to grow as a telemarketing sales team, it is important to know how hard to push your quotas. You don’t want to set your entire team up for failure, and you don’t want to make the goal too easy for them.

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