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Why B2B Telemarketing Is Crucial for Sales

Somewhere along the line, it seems telemarketing became a dirty word. Many business owners insisted cold calling was on the way out since gatekeepers in large companies worked hard to shield their decision-makers from telemarketers. While it is true many businesses have turned their focus to digital and social media for marketing, B2B telemarketing is still a crucial tool for generating sales leads.

Telemarketing continues to be a worthwhile investment because it is one of the best ways to go about prospecting and booking sales appointments. Despite the gatekeepers, studies have shown telemarketing is generally more successful at reaching decision makers in large organizations, rather than smaller enterprises. Here are two key reasons telemarketing should be a part of your marketing plan.

Builds Relationships

Telemarketing remains one of the top methods to build relationships with potential clients or customers. A persuasive and conversationally skilled telemarketing service is an asset to a business because they can convince key decision-makers to set up appointments. A telemarketing service often offers more than just phone calls when you sign up for a package. You may be able to integrate your full marketing plan, selecting the best time to launch your campaign to ensure success in B2B telemarketing.

In order to obtain telemarketing sales leads, you need someone willing to go off-script if necessary to first establish a business relationship. Once the relationship is established, many more phone calls will be made and accompanying information sent to the potential client. If these steps are completed correctly, you should see a rise in revenue thanks to new leads, clients and accounts.

Increases the Drip Marketing Strategy

Telemarketing is vital to businesses that utilize the drip strategy when it comes to marketing. The drip strategy involves sending continual messages to customers or prospective customers over time rather than having a singular, seasonal campaign with a designated begin and end date. If you run telemarketing constantly, rather than using it intermittently to support certain campaigns, you are using the drip strategy. Messages within the drip strategy are often in the form of email marketing, but direct mail and telemarketing can be useful in addition to email because they help you diversify your approach.

Telemarketing is a crucial marketing tool. When used appropriately as part of a larger marketing plan, it can help build and grow your business. The results of bad telemarketing can be disastrous for your marketing campaign and by extension, your business as a whole. However, when telemarketing is good and works according to your plan, it can open opportunities other marketing strategies do not.

If you are looking to generate more telemarketing sales leads, contact us. Our telemarketing services will get you high-quality leads to convert into sales.

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