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Why Sales People are Not Usually good B2B Telemarketers

Many companies think: “Why not have the sales team do our cold calling?”

All too often a business thinks that cold calling and sales reps are the same, but they are not. These companies will lump together all the responsibilities and expect results. The list of duties becomes lead generation, appointment setting, cold prospecting, account management and way more to the point that the results lead to disaster and/or burn out.

Let’s face it an effective salesperson is not necessarily an effective telemarketer. In fact, most sales associates hate cold calling. A great salesperson likes to be in front of their clients selling products, and hate being behind a computer desk or tied to a phone line.

To be an effective telemarketer, one has to be trained with a specific skill set for this demanding role. The biggest mistake that companies make is underestimating the difficulties of telemarketing. Understanding that not just anybody can do it, and that it requires a certain amount of strategy, follow up, and consistency to keep the potential customer engaged.

Not to mention that a great salesperson should be doing what they do best and that is selling. A salesperson may be in love with selling the product or services, whereas a great telemarketer or lead generation rep, has a highly specialized sales process that warrants a structured game plan to be facilitated by a dedicated team or individual.

Investing in a professional B2B telemarketing team ensures a highly effective return rate for your investment with long-term qualified, focused leads. Accelerated revenue and client ROI is a number one priority, and a highly experienced B2B Lead Generation company can help your business connect with customers that want and NEED your services or products.

So, before you send your sales team off to generate leads make sure they are up to the job!

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